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Surveys for Building Defects

Walls -
eco-RED surveys provide images of your elevations revealing energy loss through slumped or missing insulation, ingress, drafts, porous brickwork and delamination.
Roofs and Ceilings -
An eco-RED © survey will provide you with a detailed report highlighting the type and severity of problems with the roof, or leaks through a flat roof.
Whether you are losing heat, tracking a leak, buying or selling a building, or simply looking for a cost effective improvement, eco-RED can help you make an informed decision.
Windows -
Identify badly fitting windows, drafts, moisture ingress at junctions and poor vacuum seals.
Floors -
Identify problems with damp proof membranes, locate ingress, identify burst pipes and track underfloor heating pipes. The report will highlight the issues, and invasive investigations are unnecessary, speeding up the repair in the process.
Air Tightness -
Since 2002 Air tightness has been a mandatory requirement for new builds over a certain size. eco-RED offer offer infrared surveys before the test to detect defects in advance and allow them to be fixed before the test.

Preventative Maintenance

Electrical Equipment
Infrared is fast becoming the unique service for manufacturers and electricians looking to identify poor connections, overloading, arcing, overheating, and phase imbalances. Any electrical defects that result in the generation of heat can be readily identified and resolved using infrared techniques.
At eco-RED we use the latest infrared thermographic equipment to assess high voltage distribution boards, power supplies, transformers and machinery with minimal disruption, highlighting any over loaded components, out of phase power supplies or poor connections.

Not only can this thermal imaging help you plan a maintenance schedule, and minimise shut down time, it can also satisfy insurance policy requirements.

A distribution board can be assessed with a thermal image and without physical contact .

Solar Panels
to ensure consistent performance, regular inspections are essential.

Refrigeration units failing can cause major costly downtime. By using Thermography, units can be surveyed with little or no disruption.

ECO-red is a branch of DePest